Time Bank is a project that links people to help each other – bringing the community closer.

It’s a great way to play an active role in your local community and to offer your skills or spare time to help other people, then to choose help that you’d like in return. For example, a Time Bank volunteer may help with clearing someone’s garden, and in return, could get help with a DIY project from a different Time Bank volunteer.

Each person decides what they can offer and everyone’s time is equal. So one hour of your time is equal to one hour of someone else’s time. It doesn’t matter what you choose to exchange.

1 hour = 1 time credit

How does it work?

For every hour you ‘deposit’ in a Time Bank, you can ‘withdraw’ the equivalent back in support when you need it. Because Time Banks are just systems of exchange, they can be used in an endless variety of settings, so the more people who contribute to a Time Bank, the more services will be on offer.

Time Bank members can offer activities such as:

  • helping people go to appointments
  • shopping or doing simple errands
  • decorating and simple DIY home repairs
  • teaching languages
  • companionship and visits
  • Help with pets
  • cooking
  • helping with computers
  • gardening, and much more

Everyone has something to offer, whether they are qualified, in a trade or they just want to lend a hand. Maybe you’re good at computers, handy with a drill or can run errands.

Everyone’s time is valued equally

 If you already volunteer then you will make an ideal Time Bank member.

You can use your volunteer hours and bank them as credits to either get support from other people, or to put them into the Time Bank Uttlesford Community Pot to help vulnerable people, who may not have credits, to get help or support from others.

TimeBanking can be for individuals or organisations. There is also the opportunity for organisations and groups to become mini-Time Banks and build their own Community Pots.


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