An exchange refers to the introduction of a volunteer to the person/organisation who needs help. Both parties must have already registered with Time Bank Uttlesford. The Time Bank team at Time bank Uttlesford then match ‘offers’ of help with ‘requests’ for help. We do this across various criteria, such as skills, time, frequency, and location.

To register with Time Bank Uttlesford, please click here (how can we insert a link to a document?) for a volunteer application form, which you can complete and send to us on line. If you’d like a form by post, please call us on 01799 510525. And for any queries, please email us at

Example of Exchanges:

Susan has not been able to keep on top of her garden due to illness and her weak back so contacts Time Bank Uttlesford and registers as a member of Time Bank. The Time Bank staff look down their register and see that Margaret has offered to help with gardening opportunities. A member of the Time Bank team meets Margaret at Susan’s house and facilitates the exchange. Margaret begins work on Susan’s garden at a mutually arranged time. Margaret then spends 2 hours tidying the garden and ‘banks’ 2 time credits to be used by her as and when she would like something done for her.

Susan has expressed an interest in knitting for someone so the Time Bank team consults the register and finds that an organisation in Uttlesford is collecting knitted scarves for refugees. Susan begins knitting for them and after a week has knitted for 3 hours so she puts 2 of these hours towards her gardening and ‘saves’ 1 hour for future gardening or anything else she may need.

Meanwhile, Linda has rung Time Bank Uttlesford saying she would like to have a bit more outside exercise and would anyone like a dog walked. Time Bank staff check the register and see that David has a poorly leg and can not get his dog out. An exchange is set up and Linda takes David’s dog out for regular walks every Monday afternoon. Linda gains 1 time credit every Monday but does not forsee herself needing anything so donates the time credits to the Community Pot.

Milly lives in the village of Radwinter and wanted to do something to help in her local community. She heard about Volunteer Uttlesford from a friend, and decided to ring their offices to find out about volunteering. She filled in an application form online. Once it was processed and her references had come through, Milly’s details were added to the Time Bank Uttlesford database. Milly was happy to offer her time to accompany a vulnerable person to appointments or to help them go shopping. It wasn’t long before the Time Bank team matched Milly to an elderly gentleman, Harry, who lives on his own a couple of miles away, and would like a little companionship each week, and to have a chat over a cup of tea. A member of the Time Bank Uttlesford team arranged a date for Milly and Harry to meet at Harry’s home, and went along too to help with introductions. Since then, Milly goes to Harry’s home for two or three hours each week, and they have developed a friendship which they both enjoy. Harry feels a little less isolated and looks forward to Milly’s visits. Harry is not able to offer anything at the moment so he is able to dip into the Community Pot and use donated time credits from there.


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